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Statistics prove it. Video is the dominant marketing tool. If you’re depending on text alone,you’re losing money. By next year, you can expect 69% of consumer internet traffic to come from video. Even email marketing works better when you add video. This is true whether your market is B2B or B2C.

Microhound Media has already helped other Charlotte businesses add high-quality videos to their marketing strategy. Here are some reasons you should join them:

Use Social Media for customer relations? Your video is 1200% more likely to be shared than a text and image combination. Sorry infographics. You’re not as popular as video.

Want to increase your web traffic? Video boosts search traffic results by 41%.

Need higher conversion rates? Video converts anywhere from 20 – 80% more than text alone.

Will your case receive a fair hearing? Video could gather evidence to enhance your position in legal settings.

We recognize that high-quality video isn’t essential for all situations. However, when it is, we’ve got the equipment and expertise to ensure you enjoy all the potential video offers in today’s marketplace.

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Corporate Video Production

Do stories matter in Corporate Video production? Absolutely. How a product transforms lives becomes a story. How you work to exceed customer expectations needs story to resonate.Microhound Media works with you to tell stories your customers connect with.

Sharing compelling stories through corporate video embraces a spectrum of video types.There’s a place for informal questionnaire-on- the-street videos. You may need training videos for HR. Others might focus on the benefits of a product or how to use it. Whitepapers transformed into video become powerful marketing tools with their appeal to business executives.

Whether your need is to boost sales or not, consider all your videos marketing assets. They will heighten the value of all the text-based assets you develop.

One of the best corporate video solutions in the Charlotte area is just a call away. Contact Microhound Media today.

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