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What is Website Optimization?

Website optimization, also known as search engine optimization (SEO), is a set of strategies that help your website appear higher in search engine results. Good SEO focuses on both the search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) and the customer you are trying to attract.

In today’s market, responsive design is vital for Google ranking. Page load time, keywords based upon topics (not magic strings of words), and customer-focused content remain at the heart of SEO. Natural keyword usage, page titles, header tags and optimized URLs are also important.

How Does SEO Increase My Profits?

When your website focuses on the factors to which Google pays attention, you’ll see moreorganic traffic. As you attract more traffic, Google sends even more traffic—as long as visitors stay on your site. Increased traffic increases sales.
When you use a carefully planned SEO strategy, you attract the right customers to your website. You engage your website’s visitors with content they can’t resist. Your conversion to sales rate goes up. That’s a sure recipe of increased profits.

  • Microhound was able to take our ideas and transform them into a clean and easy to understand design. Now, close to half of our new leads in the last 6 months we attribute to the new design and search engine optimization campaign we invested in

    Gary Hetrick

  • Xavier and his staff took our very simple, uninteresting, home-made website (getting us nowhere) and took it to the top. Our ranking on several search engines bumped up immediately! Xavier is always extremely professional, very personable and responsive to our needs and last-minute requests.

    Lueanne Duke

    Willow Ride Farm

Tremendous ROI at Extremely Affordable

We’ve differentiated ourselves from other Charlotte SEO companies, because our SEO process
focuses on being the Internet Marketing Company you’ll work with for life.


During research, we assess your:

  • Goals – Brand Awareness, Lead Generation, Conversion, Local vs. National markets
  • Website’s SEO Grade
  • Competitor’s Websites
  • Market strategies – Social media, AdWords, Direct Mail, Email campaigns
  • Keyword competition

We’re committed to understanding your business, so optimizing your website brings you exactly the right kind of customer. We believe choosing the most appropriate strategy to get you ranking fast in Charlotte, NC is only one part of ROI. Building a relationship with your customers, so they choose you over the competition, must be central as well.


In the strategy phase, we take all the data from our research and create your custom plan of action. We package our recommendations to do more than accomplish your needs. We choose strategies that are also cost effective for your marketing budget.
You deserve to understand your options. We’ll never rush the explanation of what each element of your SEO package is designed to accomplish. You’ll know what we are doing and what our expectations are as we implement each step.

Typical SEO strategies include:

  • Customizing meta descriptions for each page of your site
  • Integrating keywords into your website content
  • Adding audio,video and written content to your website
  • Engaging with a social media platform


Our team works quickly to fulfill your order. During this process we:

  • Start your campaign;
  • Create unique optimized content that not only ranks but leads to conversions;
  • Start the back-linking process, whether your package consists of Permanent Tired Links or Rented Links (techniques that are safe from Google updates);
  • Provide regular updates for when you can expect to see your reports.


Once your campaign is completed, we will not leave you in the dust like some Charlotte SEO companies. We schedule a time to speak with you and explain the reports we generate. You can

  • Clear explanations of exactly what the report tells you;
  • Expert opinions on reasonable expectations for rankings, traffic and conversion;
  • Understandable answers to every question you ask—each one of them;
  • Gratitude for your business.

Our customer service will earn your business for a lifetime.

Concerned Optimization Won’t Work for You?

Have you been burned by a Charlotte SEO company in the past? Have past SEO efforts failed to produce positive results?

We’ve worked with customers who were scammed by a company that used ‘black hat’ techniques. They got fast initial results, and then Google caught on. Their position in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) dropped—significantly! We were able to help them recover.

We always wear a ‘white hate’ when it comes to SEO. Staying current with what’s working in SEO today is the only game worth playing.

  • We focus on the right kinds of links, not volume.
  • We recognize that Google’s algorithms grow smarter every day, so we focus on topic
  • keywords rather than exact matches.
  • We help to identify better content strategies, because volume no longer works, while
  • quality experiences for your website visitors do.
  • We recommend appealing, focused meta descriptions.
  • We grasp the importance of visual content for positive Google results.

When you work with us, you won’t have to worry about the next Google update. We build a solid foundation—one that will stand because it’s founded on honesty and service.

Confused? Have Questions?

Internet marketing and SEO can be confusing and hard to understand—just like chemistry or math. Yet, that can change when you have the right teacher.

Invite Our SEO Specialist to De-Mystify SEO and Internet Marketing.

It’s free—yet it delivers massive benefits. Let us show you where you are at and where you could be. Schedule your consultation today.
When we meet, we’ll give you the following:

1. Basic Website Audit – We evaluate your site and leading competitors’ sites and analyze what’s going on. We’ll offer some initial recommendations based on this analysis.

2 . Q&A – We answer any questions you may have about Internet Marketing, Local Citations, PPC, Video Marketing, Cost, etc.

It’s Free. It’s Helpful. Isn’t It Time to Contact Us?

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